Mindfulness and Yoga


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Stepping out of your daily stress into an oasis of stillness                              

Cultivating a calm body and a clear mind. 

Yoga and Mindfulness are both in themselves highly effective methods for reducing stress and anxiety. Each enhances deep relaxation, greater wellbeing and peace of mind.
Yoga supports our physical wellness and health and works with body postures, to keep us flexible and grounded; Mindfulness addresses the states of mind and trains us on staying calm and present even in the middle of turbulent times.
When we put the two together in Mindful Yoga, we simultaneously enjoy the benefits of both and will tap into the “deepest innate potential for healing, that we all have. It mobilizes our ability to cultivate embodied wisdom and self-compassion and by doing so it teaches us to live our life and face whatever arises with integrity, clarity and open hearted presence.”
 (John Kabat-Zinn:  Mindful Yoga; www.makingsenseofmentalhealth.org/articles/mindfulyoga.pdf )
The Practice

  • Simple awareness and breathing techniques to calm the mind and ease the body, like short meditation, body scan, deliberate pausing
  • Gentle Yoga postures to increase your body awareness, flexibility and sense of groundedness
  • The postures will be held longer, so that you can come into resting while holding a posture and experience how they affect you, for example in pain release or hightening of breathing capability
  • If you are an experienced Yoga practitioner already, it is possible to work with more complex postures, should you wish.

I will offer you simple but effective tools for integrating Mindful Yoga into your daily life and work place.
I offer 1/2 day or full day workshops for schools, businesses and any group of people, whok are interested. The workshops can be booked as a one off or in regular intervals, as to suit the organization or group of people I'm working with. 
I also offer 1:1 tuition

I specialize in teaching Yoga and Mindful Movement for people who have experienced deep trauma of all kinds (PTSD).
With my background in psychotherapy and many years of experience working with mental health, I understand the hightened vulnerability and sensitivity and the need for a safe environment to be able to start relaxing. In my workshops the creation of a safe space for each individual within the group is essential.
The traditional yoga postures are slightly altered to create a safer experience of the exercises. Often when the variations are practised for a while the original posture can be practised.

I offer 1/2 day or full day workshops, which can be booked as a one off or in regular intervals, as to suit the organization or group of people I'm working with. 
Each workshop will stand on its own and will teach simple tools, that can be taken away and practiced at home.
I also offer 1:1 tuition
Yoga and me 
Yoga has been and always will be an essential part of my path. The combination of physical exercise and meditation combined with breath awareness is a wonderful way to connect with all levels of human existence. I’ve been trained in the Sivananda tradition, but in my classes I embrace my experiences as a Mindfulness Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Bodyworker and Healer and I have developed my own style. It is calm and meditative, combining breathing exercises (pranayama), a longer holding of simple postures (asana) with an inward focus, so we can feel at home again in our own body, mind and spirit. A good dose of humour, joy and lightness emerges organically through this practice.


Mindfulness in the Workplace

A growing number of businesses are now recognising the benefits of mindfulness including large organisations such as TfL, Google, GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and even the Home Office in the UK.

Known benefits include management of stress, improved health and wellbeing, sharpened concentration and enhanced creativity as well as better emotional intelligence.

Spirit of Growth has offered its training for teams at:

Penwith Volunteer Bureau (2013)

Cornwall Environmental Consultants (2014)

Cornwall Wildlife Trust (2014)

'The Vine' Marketing and PR (2015)



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"In a busy agency environment, balancing an ever-growing to do list with the need for creative thinking can be challenging. My team has found working with Ellena a hugely enjoyable and beneficial experience. Through her mindfulness for business sessions we have learnt practical ways to gain perspective on situations, which ultimately reduces stress and increases productivity. I have introduced mindful exercises into our daily routine and would highly recommend Ellena's workshops to other business owners looking for a fresh approach to team training." Lotte Mahon, MD, The Vine Marketing & PR

"Ellena is a friendly and approachable teacher who delivered a structured and accessible course. From knowing nothing about Mindfulness I now understand the ideas behind it and have been given the tools to start using it in my daily life.Since starting the course I feel that my effectiveness at work has increased – I find it easier to concentrate on prioritising tasks and then completing them – and family time has also benefitted by making a conscious effort to make the time I spend with them more enjoyable (tolerance levels have gone up, telling off down!). Life generally seems a bit calmer and more under control."   Phil Hills Consultancy Manager Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC) Ltd

"Ellena's teaching style is calm and perceptive."    Anne

"Mindfulness in the workplace has helped me to feel more calm and relaxed and has enabled me to be more aware and accepting of my thoughts and feelings. This has led to greater clarity of thinking and ultimately greater productivity."   Lynn, Penwith Volunteer Bureau

"The course has been very informative and helpful, the exercises are very enjoyable, and Ellena is an excellent teacher. "   Deborah

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