Spirit of Growth: online and in-person

Spirit of Growth assembles under its wings a selection of transformational pathways, methods and practices in the service of individual and relational growth, sparked by the spirit of authenticity, awareness and presence.


Body oriented psychotherapy is a somatic approach for deep self development and transformation, supporting individuals and groups in ‘becoming, who we really are’. When we begin to know that words are often not enough to reach us where we really want to be reached, it is time to re-connect with the wisdom of the body and the essence of our being. 


IFS Therapy:  A cutting edge approach to Trauma. “At the heart of Internal Family Systems therapy is the belief that there is a calm, compassionate core ‘Self’ within each of us that cannot be damaged. We also have many ‘parts’ that help us through life and protect us. Sometimes these parts can become extreme because of our experiences in the world and it can then be harder to access the calm core Self. These parts can also make us behave in ways that cause conflict, distress or unhappiness in ourselves or those around us” www.internalfamilysystemstraining.co.uk


Spiritual Mentoring: Sometimes we need support that is less therapeutic and more spiritual. Every true therapeutical path will also open up a spiritual dimension and as clients we can choose if we want to explore it. I offer a more spiritually focussed approach for those of us who feel the need or wish to explore this side of their being more and deeper without engaging in a particular spiritual tradition.


Trauma Aware Yoga: Yoga has many benefits and one of them is that it gives us a wonderful way to reconnect with our body as a safe place. In recent years it has been used more extensively for those suffering from Trauma of the mind and body. I love offering this to groups and individuals as a gentle way of healing.


Meditation and Mindfulness: On occasion I offer and guide meditation and mindfulness groups. If you are interested please get in touch – not everything is always on the website.



“I bring many years of experience from my own exciting journey into my work. I believe that every being is wonderfully special and it is my privilege supporting you to find your path  and live it fully.

Humour, understanding, commitment, awareness and compassion are my main tools to encourage the spirit of growth in the wonderful people I’m working with.”



Based in Cornwall I can also be booked for workshops and courses located elsewhere.

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COVID-19 Notice

I am now offering face to face sessions as well as continuing to work online, either video link or telephone.

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Thank you. Ellena