" It is Tuesday 10am... for the last 6 months this has been the time I meet with Ellena for an hour of IFS therapy. My therapy has now come to a natural end as I have a sense of wholeness and peace I did not know before my work with Ellena.

I am a therapist myself; I had done a lot of work on myself by the time I contacted Ellena. However, I was still experiencing being triggered in my romantic relationships and I knew that more work was needed. This time I felt it needed to be of a spiritual nature; my childhood wounds needed healing and the person I chose to accompany me in this deep journey needed to be able to take me to the deepest Parts of me with Love, Awareness, Presence, Humour, Warmth and Humility. These are some of the qualities Ellena has always demonstrated in our work together. I have felt held, understood, validated, valued, loved... I received what I so needed and as a result was able to do the most meaningful work I have ever done on myself.

I knew Ellena was the right therapist for me as soon as I met her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a beautiful and meaningful journey inside of themselves.

I shall return for more therapy in the future if i need to and Ellena will be the therapist I choose again. Therapists like her are rare. She works from the Heart... "
" Ellena successfully worked me through some very bewildering anxiety issues leaving me able to embrace life again.

Taking her time to understand my unique needs and background, Ellena tailored a program of treatment to my individual needs and spiritual preferences. Language and techniques were chosen to make me feel comfortable and bring the best out of me. It wasn't sudden, but working through everything slowly with Ellena has dramatically changed my relationship with anxiety. I highly recommend anyone to dedicate the time to working through things with Ellena. "
" Since working with Ellena I have started to explore my inner world and to learn who I am. It has been extremely empowering to get to know parts of myself that have needed attention for so long. Ellena’s empathetic, non-judgmental and supportive approach has helped me to understand that the answers really are inside of me if I am willing to listen and nurture all of my parts. I have developed more self-trust and courage to really be myself, and become aware of my own strength. Ellena’s kindness and support have been invaluable during a very difficult time and I would highly recommend her as a therapist, especially for anyone struggling with developmental trauma issues. "
" Working with Ellena has enabled me to explore at a deeper level than I had experienced before, in an environment of trust and respect, which in turn has led me to believe that inner change and self-realisation are possible. "
E. H.
" Having had several counsellors at times in my life, I can say what a great difference it made for me working with Ellena. Her warm compassion and no judgemental approach created an environment that felt completely safe to explore issues in a freer and more honest way. The way she helped me work through issues has enabled me to continue using techniques in every day life, with a much deeper understanding of myself and why I react in some situations as I do. Her kind and caring approach has also enabled me to have a more compassionate attitude towards myself and others. I would (and have) worked with Ellena again if the need arose. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and indeed have already recommended her to friends and family. "
C. F.
" The two years of therapy I had with Ellena has not only helped me achieve many of my hopes and dreams, but it always felt like a safe place to unburden, and her gentleness and kindness helped tremendously. "
" Ellena is a supportive, caring and experienced therapist. She is open-minded and willing to modify what she does to her client's needs. For example, she got training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), so she could work with me using this method, which I really wanted to try. I felt validated and empowered by her willingness to learn a new approach. IFS is compassionate and flexible, compared to other therapies I have experienced. Working with Ellena has helped me feel in control of my own process, rather than having therapy "done to me". In the past, I would not have dared to challenge a therapist, but I am learning to do this, because I know Ellena will respond in a way that is respectful, honest and kind. I am delighted to recommend her, especially to anyone struggling with issues related to developmental trauma (C-PTSD). HJ (Therapy client) "
" I was first referred to Ellena when I found myself struggling to manage my anxiety at work, which I felt was beginning to impact on my performance. In the first instance she supported me to recognise where I was having difficulties, and to rediscover ways of managing this through mindfulness practice. I have since carried on seeing Ellena and have found her use of IFS has had a profound positive impact on me. She has enabled me to recognise how my past experiences have impacted on the person I am today. We have used techniques which have encouraged me to allow all aspects of my personality to have a voice. By listening, and by embracing rather than judging all these parts of me I am starting to develop some compassion for the person I am. This feels like a significant step forward in my journey. Ellena is incredibly compassionate and patient. I was nervous about how using zoom and phone would impact the therapeutic process however she made me feel at ease and I have not found it a problem at all. It has been a privilege and a joy to have met Ellena and I thank her for the progress I have made. "

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