Sometimes, therapy opens a gateway towards a spiritual dimension. This is usually a beautiful and often life changing process. Occasionally it might feel a little surprising and you might feel unprepared and in need of a little support. In that case – and in all other situations you might appreciate some spiritual guidance – I would be delighted to offer my experience and support. The format would be in one to one sessions. The fee is generally the same as for my therapy sessions, but I’m happy to discuss special circumstances and consider concessions for this service.


My personal ‘training’ on this stems from many years of Buddhist practice and being a student of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual school that focuses on cultivating essential presence by transcending the limitations of the personality structure.


The aim of these sessions is not to promote a particular religion or belief, but connecting with your personal essence and truth as your inner guide for your spiritual path.


Sometimes I run Meditation or Mindfulness groups on a donation base. If nothing is announced on this website, you are welcome to check via the contact form.

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COVID-19 Notice

I am now offering face to face sessions as well as continuing to work online, either video link or telephone.

To book a session, click on the 'Book A Session' in the main menu.

Thank you. Ellena