I’m trained in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy and Psychology (The Gerda Boyesen Method) and registered with the UKCP. I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher and I’ve been practising Buddhist meditation over 20 years. I’m a  member of the Ridhwan School, where the emphasis lies on the combination of spiritual and psychological practices to unfold healing.

I have had plenty of opportunity to study different approaches and collect a variety of tools. I was always most fascinated by models that work deep and show a combination of courage and compassion in the face of the suffering we meet in this profession, to name a few:  any type of body oriented method, Mindfulness based therapy, the spiritual path of the Diamond Approach and lately Internal Family Systems therapy.

These models extend beyond the limitations of the mind  and offer a direct contact with our essential self. It is here that we can find the truth of who we really are. It is from this core of our being that we can develop the qualities that will support our healing journey: compassion, love,  truth, willpower, strength, wisdom and a joyful heart.


Personal experience has shown me that the spoken language is often not enough. Early trauma, depression, anxiety and most personality disorders will profit from an approach that is not afraid of being visible as therapists and even touchable. The use of touch is always handled with care and only in agreement with the client, but if used wisely it can be transformational.

A short professional biography

  • University degree in Social Anthropology and Ethnology 1986

  • 5 years training with the G. Boyesen Institute London and the European School of Biodynamic Psychology in 1996

  • Yoga teacher in1995 and Reiki Master in 1999

  • European Certificate of Psychotherapy, Member of LSBP (London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy)

  • 11 years of work as a Psychotherapist in Cologne with individuals and groups before relocating to Cornwall in 2002

  • UKCP registered

  • 2010 joined Diamond Approach/Ridhwan School of AH Almaas

  • In 2012 trained 1 year with the Centre for Supervision, Team Development and Coaching (CSTD) in Bath

  • 2020 training in IFS (Internal Family Systems), level 1 completed

As a Buddhist I had a long training in Mindfulness, I learned with many teachers from the West and some from India and Tibet. I follow a regular Meditation practice. The practice of Loving Kindness is a constant support for myself and has become a powerful resource in my client work. For many years I used to be a student of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual school, developed by A.H Almaas, which combines psychology and spirituality and has given great richness to my own and professional development.

I have my own practice in Cornwall, where I see private clients for psychotherapy, coaching and spiritual mentoring.

During the time of the pandemic Covid-19 I moved all my client work online for the time being. Please inquire if you are interested in face to face sessions, when they can be resumed.

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COVID-19 Notice

I am now offering face to face sessions as well as continuing to work online, either video link or telephone.

To book a session, click on the 'Book A Session' in the main menu.

Thank you. Ellena